AutoCAD Advanced, Efficiency Tips and Tricks

CAD 01

II Duration: 24 hrs.; II Class: 6 students; II Including: AutoCAD 2014 New Features, Xrefs, Annotation; II Price: 800 L.E.; II Location: Nasrcity Lap. II

Start incorporating an experienced and professional architects tips and techniques in your CAD workflow. Covering the new Autodesk 360 enabled collaboration tools, enhanced command line, and georeferencing options. Learn how to become more efficient power user, reducing the amount of time it takes to accomplish a task, increasing profit margins, and strengthening marketplace competitiveness. The course covers everything from shortcuts used in geometry creation, to program customization, to real world solutions to common problems. Interface customization, block and reference management skills, and express tool usage are also covered.

This Course Covers the Following:

1. Common AutoCAD workflow problems.
2. Incorporating the new AutoCAD 2014 features.
3. Mastering annotative objects and scales.
4. AutoCAD interface and variables customization.
5. Miscellaneous tips and tricks for easier workflow.

CAD 02
Check the Full Course Structure Here.  (Right-click and choose save as to download a PDF file)

AutoCAD efficiency tips and trick training is an advanced level which requires a basic AutoCAD skills and some experience.

This training consumes 24 hrs. divided on 6 sessions, 4 hrs. each, 2 times a week including 10 minutes break per session. Each session involves in-class practical implementation, homework feedback session and quiz. All of our training are conducted by experienced architects only for architects!.

All of our training’s are conducted in a small groups with maximum no. of 8 students per class. Our laps are equipped with PCs which are Quad-Core processors, High-End VGA card, 8 Gigabytes of RAM and 23 inch Monitor. In other words its powerful and ready for heavy-duty work!.

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